Yes, smoxy is an Odor eliminating air freshener brand, but we don’t believe in covering up Odors with harsh chemicals. That is why we make Odor eliminating Candles and air fresheners which is both humans and pets friendly.  

smoxy is made for everyone to Eliminate Odors and foul smells from their houses. It breaks apart the chemical compounds of Odors and fill it with the refreshing smell of smoxy and that is how the Odors vanishes. 

Smoxy is made in such a way that it is considered as safe for humans as well as pets. Each product of smoxy is non-hazardous, but still it is recommended not to spray directly on the pets or human bodies.  

It Does smoxy is not only designed to remove smoke Odors but all kind of bad Odors and foul smels too. The thing that makes smoxy the best is the long lastingness.  

None of the products That we have in our stock are tested on animals. Which makes us a total cruelty free brand.

For the time being you can have all our products from our official site: From odor eliminating candles to sprays we have it all.

You can click on the link which shows wholesaler on the Banner of the site and rest of the procedures are written in there. Fill up the form and we will contact you.  

When a candle starts burning the flame consumes the wax to produce water vapour and carbon dioxide which is like the by-products human produces during exhaling. This is same for all candles. 

Nope, all candles’ waxes are the same it’s just depending on the manufactures how clean they are keeping their items. With BYSMOXY you don’t have to worry regarding quality products of the candles as well as sprays. Our expertise in scented candles have made us pioneer in making best Odor eliminator products available in the market. 

We guarantee you that our Odor eliminating, and scented candles doesn’t come with that problem, but it can only happen if the candle’s flame gets disturbed. Otherwise, a well-made candle can never have flickered or smoke issues.  

Kindly check our store locator that we have already created in our website for your convenience. Just find out the nearest store to your location and then you can be there physically to have our products. We will be more than happy to serve you. 

Of course, you can, so if you somehow get a defective one, we are here to replace it, no questions asked.  

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